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Permanent Mold Casting

What is permanent mold casting? Permanent mold casting is a process with a reusable mold generally made out of steel or copper. Unlike sandcasting, there is no waste from the mold itself. Each mold is coated with a water and graphite mixture to keep the molten metal from sticking to the inside of the mold. Seconds after pouring, the part is ready to be removed from the mold. These parts require very little grinding or machining as they are produced to shape. We only charge for the net weight of the casting as it goes to the machine shop; we do not charge for gates and/or risers. Should a project require machining, the only charge is for the metal sent to our state-of-the-art CNC department. Lastly, many larger holes and inserts can be cast in place, further reducing machining time.


Our engineering department has many decades of experience in the copper casting business, casting in more than a dozen different alloys of copper, brass and bronze. According to clients’ specific and exacting requests, we produce a complete product as we cast, machine and plate a part before it leaves our premises.

How it all started…

Sam Burnstein and Hartmut von Seleen began with a small facility in 1985 that has grown to encompass more than 35 acres of property with 200 employees producing more than 1,300 parts shipped all over the world. Our tradition of excellence continues to expand under the management of Sam’s son Danny and Hartmut’s son Aaron.

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