We make high-quality precision castings
in less time that saves you money.

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You’ve tried another way of producing the part you need only to receive a batch that doesn’t work. Now, you’re behind schedule, and you’ve spent money on faulty parts. You feel the pressure to find a partner and a solution that delivers a high-quality part. Stop wasting time and money on those other methods, and work with us to create a copper precision casting for your project.

Engineers at manufacturing companies all over the world trust us to produce copper precision castings. Get everything you need all under one roof; we’re a one-stop-shop providing tooling, plating, and machining. Our team creates custom solutions and follows specific design requests, so your project’s done right the first time.

We help engineers just like you:


Save Money

The types of metal we use, and our process allows us to make a part more competitively than other solutions.


Get a High Conductivity Part

The types of metal we use, and our process allows us to make a part more competitively than other solutions.


Receive Orders Faster

With our machining and plating services done on-site at our foundry, it saves time by not sending parts between shops, and it reduces shipping costs.

Get High-Quality Parts

As the only ISO Certified copper-based permanent mold facility in North America, we use the best materials, certify our managers and inspectors, and follow strict quality control procedures.


All Burnstein von Seelen alloys are prepared from virgin materials. This makes our metals far superior to commercial copper and copper base alloys. Our metallurgical expertise and inspection processes assure the highest quality metals.

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Thermal Conductivity

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Electrical Conductivity

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Custom Characteristics by Request

To assist in selecting the proper alloys for applications, please refer to the

Get started in just three easy steps.


Complete the form to request a quote, and we’ll respond within the same day to schedule a call.


During the call, we’ll discuss your needs and review engineering criteria.


We’ll manufacture your part, and deliver your first batch.

After partnering with us, you’ll get the part you need and save money in the process.