Everything You Need To Know About High Conductivity Copper Castings

High conductivity copper castings are a type of casting used in various industries for their useful electrical conductivity properties. Not only are they an affordable option, but they are also durable, easy to machine, and able to fit any industry’s needs.

At Burnsten Von Seelen, we can create custom, high-quality high conductivity copper castings for any business’ specific needs. 

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about high conductivity copper castings, from what they are in detail, to how they are made, to their uses across numerous industries. 

What are high conductivity copper castings? 

High conductivity copper castings are alloys made from pure copper which have high levels of conductivity. In particular our high conductivity castings hold a 98% IACS electrical conductivity level or higher. Some samples of high conductivity copper alloys can reach as high as 100% electrical conductivity levels. Burnstein von Seelen guarantees a 98% IACS electrical conductivity level minimum in our high conductivity copper castings. 

For high conductivity copper alloys to maintain such high conductivity, manufacturers use a special type of copper called electrolytic copper to create them. Electrolytic copper, which is essentially very pure copper, is made from a process called electrolysis. Electrolysis eliminates any impurities in the copper. This process is necessary for the copper to maintain high levels of conductivity, since impurities in the copper can negatively affect its ability to conduct electricity. 

High conductivity copper castings are used in a wide variety of industries. High conductivity copper castings, sometimes called high conductivity copper alloys as they are made of multiple types of metal, have a number of benefits that allow them to be so versatile. They have high thermal and electrical conductivity, therefore making them useful for more niche and specific industries and those that handle heavy chemicals. They are also notably durable, with wear, corrosion, acid, and heat resistance. 

What are high conductivity copper castings used for?

High conductivity copper castings have important applications in numerous manufacturing and professional industries because of these qualities. For example, high conductivity copper castings have uses in the automotive, energy, machinery, and electrical industries. Not only are they versatile, but they are also affordable, too, with costs often lower or around similar costs to other metals alloys. 

High conductivity copper castings’ main selling point for manufacturing is their high conductivity levels, particularly compared to sand castings. Sand castings do not conduct electricity or energy particularly well, while high conductivity permanent mold castings have excellent conductivity, as their name implies. As a result, high conductivity copper castings are more versatile and have more applications across various industries. 

How are high conductivity copper castings made?

High conductivity copper castings are created through a unique system called the Chill Cast Process. This process not only saves customers money but also results in a stronger, more durable final product. 

With chill casting, molds are filled with the still-hot alloy, which solidifies quickly. No other systems or influences are used. With chill casting, molds can be reused multiple times. 

Chill casting has a number of other benefits on top of its affordability. Chill casting is ideal for creating products with uniform properties and a neat, clean surface finish. Chill casting also helps manufacturers create products with high levels of conductivity, like the 98% electrical conductivity promised by Burnsten von Seelen. 

The chill casting process is good for more than just your business; it is also more environmentally friendly than other manufacturing processes since the chill casting process doesn’t use any sand.

Custom high conductivity copper castings can be created for almost any customer’s needs, and for any industry’s unique requirements. Numerous permanent designs are available.

If you’re in the market for high conductivity copper castings or considering which ones to buy, consider giving the experts at Burnstein von Seelen a call. Burnstein von Seelen offers permanent mold and chill precision castings. Bunstein von Seelen’s top-quality custom castings are made from high conductivity copper, nickel-copper, aluminum bronze, and bronze.