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In-House Quality Machining

A lot of partners aren’t able to offer the in-house quality you need for complete satisfaction and precision. At BVS, we offer complete in-house precision metal machining on all the castings we produce. The 20,000+ sq ft dedicated machine shop in a stand-alone building 150 feet from the foundry and is complemented by our tool and die shop. This allows us to build the best of fixtures or mold tooling and keep it all in top condition.

Our current captive machine shop has over 28 various CNC machines including various lathes and horizontal machining centers. By keeping our production in-house, we’re able to offer you the quality assurance you deserve from a trusted partner.

Sustainable Machining

Accurate machining and finishing requires rigorous inspection during setup. Our team of operators and quality control personnel ensure optimum machining quality. The machine shop also boasts its own coordinate measuring machine, in addition to the coordinate measuring machine in our Quality Control Department.


We have 28 CNC machines including CNC horizontal machining centers, CNC vertical machining centers and CNC lathes.

Not every operation requires CNC equipment, however, so we maintain a conventional metal machining department.

In addition, we have a complete captive tool and die shop, which can build tooling machining fixtures. It is also equipped with a 5 axis machining center. Again, this helps us build the best of fixtures or mold tooling so you get the in-house quality you deserve.

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