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Permanent Mold Chill Casting

permanent mold chill casting

A Custom Process That Saves You Time and & Money

As a customer, you want to know that the permanent mold process, sometimes referred to as a “Chill Cast Process”, has a clear advantage over other casting or fabricating techniques.

When you choose permanent mold castings, you have a much tighter grain boundary allowing for higher conductivity levels than sand castings, routinely exceeding 98% IACS—which we guarantee as a minimum. Through the homogenous parts, we are able to eliminate the possibility of hot sports or any trace of poor connections altogether. 

In addition with the tighter grain boundaries from our process, it helps to achieve pressure-type castings.  

As an enterprise that is committed to saving you time and money, we only charge for the net weight of the casting as it goes to the machine shop. Through our custom process, we eliminate charges for gates and/or risers. At BVS, many of the larger holes and inserts can be cast in place, which will keep the cost and time spent machining down.

Benefits of Permanent Mold Chill Casting

permanent mold chill casting

No waste from the mold

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Higher Conductivity Levels

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98% IACS Minimum

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Homogeneous parts eliminate hot spots & poor connections